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Medium Format Photography


When compared to large and small format film, medium format film is generally a  middle ground between camera size, mobility, speed of operation and film size (which corresponds to image quality).  All medium format film is the same size, but produces different size negatives/images depending on what type of camera you're using.  Every negative will be 6 cms (about 2.25 inches) on at least one side.  Because my camera is a "square format" camera, my negatives are 6 cms on all sides.  While smaller than large format film, this film is more than three times bigger than small format (35 mm) film.  Based on the serial number on my camera, my German-made Rolleiflex 3.5T was built between 1961 to 1966 (the previous owner owned it for 35 years).  It's a "TLR" (twin lens reflex).  With a TLR, you view through one lens, but the picture is taken through the other.  Please see below my Rolleiflex adventures and remember...it's hip to be square.